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        A Network of Nudist Friendly Bed & Breakfast Style Homes

        The Clothing Optional Home Network

        A Network of Nudist Friendly B&B Style Homes

        The Clothing Optional Home Network is a network of specially selected homes offering a private, Clothing Optional / Nudist Bed and Breakfast style experience.? Our host homes are located throughout the US? Some are in suburban areas while other locations are in rural or mountain sites.? All of our hosts welcome you to enjoy their home as nature intended . . . clothes free!? Whether enjoying the desert sun, seaside mist or crisp mountain air, your host couple will welcome you into their home just like a new friend.

        Our Goal For Your Experience

        Our goal is to provide a private, relaxing and secure oasis where you are free to experience a nudist environment.? This is the perfect environment for the first time nudist or the seasoned naturist!? Relax in a place where you?can leave your worries and clothes at home!

        Our C-O-H-N Homes

        These very special homes are a favorite for travelers seeking a quiet, relaxing, romantic destination.? All C-O-H-N homes offer gourmet breakfasts*, European sunbathing and luxuriously appointed guest rooms.? We realize our guests want choices and that is why we are clothing optional.? We follow AANR Priciples & Standards and our philosophy is based on common sense.? If this is your first time at a clothing optional resort, you may wear something until you are more comfortable.? You have the freedom to wear a shirt, cover-up or bathrobe at any time.? If it is cool in the evening, you are welcome to wear clothes.? It is common to be a little nervous at first but that usually only lasts for about the first half hour or so.? You will find our guests are the nicest couples you will ever meet.? You can sunbathe "au natural" in a very private, safe, secure environment.?


        Regardless of which home you are visiting; our first, last and only concern is the comfort of our guests.? We want you to feel completely at home and make your stay a relaxing and affordable vacation.? You can enjoy an early morning cup of coffee alone or join your hosts for coffee and friendly conversation.? Our hosts strive to give you the same level of service and comfort at each of the homes.

        ? ? Reservations

        Call us at:?
        866 268 8852


        Or use our

        Reservation Form.


        AANR Trusted Website





        Interested in finding out how you can set up your own C/O B&B style home?? Click here for information.



        Nudist Explorer

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        check our Specials Page


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        Arroyo del Sol opens a new Guest House in Pasadena/Altadena.??


        Blue Water Cove in Deerfield Beach is now Accepting Reservations!

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